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MediaWidget Coupon Code MediaWidget is an iPod transfer utility designed to help you get your iPod contents off of any iPod and back into iTunes. And, we can help you put content from your computer onto any iPod. This allows you to share your iPod music, photos, videos.

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What is MediaWidget
If you've ever wanted to use your iPod with more than one computer , if you have music at work and at home, or you have a laptop and a desktop computer with MediaWidget you can use your iPod with as many computers as you want , no problem.
MediaWidget | Easy iPod Transfer is an easy to use iPod transfer software which can transfer iPod content to computer or PC to iPod . MediaWidget can even transfer your content directly from your iPod to iTunes. MediaWidget | Easy iPod Transfer can transfer music , pictures , videos , podcasts and playlists from your iPod to computer or iTunes - while keeping all your ratings , play counts , and more.
Copy iPod to iTunes

Quickly and easily copy your iPod playlists, ratings, and more directly to iTunes. Transfer music and video from any iPod back onto any Windows computer. You can also transfer tunes and movies from your PC onto any iPod.

Transfer iPod to iTunes

Move your music and video seamlessly between computers and iPods. Transfer music and video from your old PC to your new PC, from your old iPod to your new iPod, or from your old iPod to your new PC. Transfer all of your content from your iPod back into iTunes.

iPod Recover

Ever had stuff mysteriously disappear from your iPod? Did an iTunes sync accidentally wipe your iPod clean? In a single step, you can rescue your iPod. Recover all of your music, videos, and more from your iPod, and get them back onto your PC automatically.

One iPod - Multiple PCs

Easily share music and movies with your friends. Move music or video off of your PC onto your friend's iPod, or transfer songs or movies from your friend's iPod to your computer.

Play iPod

No need to copy music back to your PC to play it. Search for songs and play music directly from your iPod without iTunes. Even create and edit playlists right from within MediaWidget.

iPod Backup

Backup all of your iPod content to your PC, including music, photos, videos, Podcasts, playlists, games, song data, and any other file on your iPod. If your iPod is ever damaged, a few simple mouse clicks will quickly restore your iPod's contents from the backup file.

MediaWidget Review
The Apple players have many virtues but also some flaws. One is that the program that manages iTunes not to copy its contents back to your computer. MediaWidget Easy iPod Transfer fills that gap so you have way synchronization.
The appearance of MediaWidget Easy iPod Transfer is similar to an audio player, but on the left side has options to create a backup, use it to restore your iPod or iPhone, or transfer files independent. Songs, podcasts, videos and even photos will be sent to the folder you specify, organized and with tags.
Synchronization between MediaWidget Easy iPod Transfer and old iPods is easy and immediate. However, for iPhone and iPod Touch is required that you have iTunes installed and copy the contents of the folder "Mobile Device Support" to the path that indicates the program or not detect any device.
Pros: 1. Intuitive interface; 2. Copies all the content inside the iPod; 3. Works with all models of iPod and iPhone.
Cons: None.
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